Gerard Butler pulled off an incredible feat here. He produced, did some camera work, and starred in what is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a while. He also convinced a wonderful cast of top notch actors including Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo and others to join him in making a very convincing movie about a group of well organized terrorists taking over the White House to start a war with the two Koreas and to use the nuclear codes to set off all U.S. nuclear missiles in their silos to create a radiation nightmare mess for the U.S. to kill much of the population and leave the U.S. in financial ruin. Using incredible sets and digital effects to appear as Washington, D.C. as the backdrop to paint this action film masterwork, Gerard Butler plays a lone heroic Secret Service agent who works against incredible odds to take back the White House and save the nation. A couple years earlier, this agent was unable to save the life of the first lady when a car accident took place, and he seems driven by a sense of working to redeem himself as the best lone wolf agent since James Bond himself to try to save the world.

At some point you’d expect Morgan Freeman to become the acting president. No other actor seems as much like a president as this legendary actor. And as usual, he’s terrific here, playing a deeply long-suffering and thoughtful man, looking for the best way to save his country and guide it out of this terrible crisis.

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN is absolutely edge of your seat entertaining and has enough realistic elements to seem like parts of what you’d expect as some of the security arrangements to protect our monuments and government in these modern days against a variety of threats including acts of war.

Gerard Butler has certainly proven himself as a very able actor and film maker here as well. A very well done effort. Bravo!

The Bottom Line: A very good action film with so much good elements going for it. A good solid Three Star, Good movie! ***(Three Stars, Good) – You’ll want to own this on DVD or Blu-Ray and play parts of this one over and over!

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