U.S. & Vietnam View Better Business & Military Alliances

With China’s quickly updating their Navy adding more significant battleships as well as an aircraft carrier, some of China’s Pacific neighbors have become a little more nervous, especially Japan and Vietnam.  Japan isn’t happy at China flexing it’s naval muscle by increased warship patrols, yet is careful not to sound panic alarms and create a crisis that doesn’t exist. But, Vietnam is more on edge. China and Vietnam have had their share of border tensions in the past including Chinese troop invasions into Vietnam. This leaves Vietnam looking for an ally around the world to give them security. And with the U.S. and Vietnam more than willing to overlook and forgive and forget each other’s role in the Vietnam War, a rare opportunity exists for Vietnam and the U.S. to become military allies in addition to the improving business climate between the two nations. Secretary Of State John Kerry believes that the U.S. has a rare window of opportunity to push for more democratic reforms in Vietnam, as Vietnam seeks for more American Navy ships to use Vietnamese harbors to dock to add to the country’s security.

Vietnam already ships many goods to U.S. that range from Nike shoes to Canon computer printers, and the two nations will only witness more and more increased trade. But, with the demise of the former Soviet Union as their important ally state during the Vietnam War, Vietnam now finds itself really needing the help of it’s former foe, the United States to be it’s most important economic as well as military ally in these modern times. 

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