Obama Rodeo Clown Act Gets Thumbs Down

Some organizers of a rodeo event at the Missouri State  Fair thought that an Obama rodeo clown act would be hilarious. However, the two top leaders of Missouri’s bipartisan government were both outraged and condemned the act. Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, condemned the act as “disrespectful and offensive”, as some believed the act looked like something from a KKK rally rather than a rodeo. And the Republican Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder, also voiced his outrage as well. A Missouri rodeo organizing group that planned the event accepted responsibility for the performance and apologized for it. Some African Americans attending the rodeo began to feel a sense of fear as they felt that anti-Black racial tensions were building that could result in mob violence against them. That’s part of what so outraged many persons, the sense that this event seemed to take on such a racist nature that could have promoted violence instead of being an entertainment act. The political leaders of both parties were quick to condemn something like this that is an affront to good social order. 

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  • Once we allow people to start mocking our elected leaders, there is no telling where it will stop. The next thing you know they will start questioning their policy decisions.