Arrow Productions Sue LOVELACE Producers

Arrow Productions, the company that produced the 1972 surprise hit erotic film, DEEP THROAT, have filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the producers of LOVELACE, which used more than 5 minutes of footage form DEEP THROAT as well as the trademarked Linda Lovelace name without their permission or royalties. While some fair use of copyrighted material is permitted under law, mostly for news or journalism purposes, the intent of the LOVELACE film was to make a profit by selling the content commercially.  So far critics and audiences that have screened LOVELACE give it pretty mixed and often negative reviews. Linda Boreman was actually a pretty conservative Catholic girl at one point in her life, but friends that knew her said that she turned into a sexual “freak” at one point doing weird sexual activity on camera for money. Her first pornographic films were early 70’s silent 8mm loop films involved either having sex with dogs or urinating on men. But, her first more mainstream adult film, DEEP THROAT, was an outrageous sex comedy that was a surprise film and helped to open up adult films as being more mainstream to many Americans. But, Linda Boreman was also married to an abusive husband at one point, but after Deep Throat, Linda Boreman did a number of softcore or more mainstream media appearances, such as posing for the cover of ESQUIRE or starring in the R-rated comedy with Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees in LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT. In later years, Linda Boreman joined up with feminists opposing porn, athough she wrote two pro-porn autobiographies in the 70’s. She became a welfare mom at some point, living in a trailer, and later died in a car accident at the age of 53.

Those that knew Linda Boreman weren’t too happy at the movie LOVELACE painting her as a some complete victim. She freely appeared in those films involving sex with dogs and DEEP THROAT, and the marriage issues with her husband were a whole other deal. And the producers of DEEP THROAT were outraged that Boreman claimed that she was forced to appear in DEEP THROAT at gunpoint. That never happened. But, some like the director didn’t like the marriage fights behind closed doors between Boreman and her husband at the time of the filming schedule, which was disruptive and created a tense situation on the set for other cast members in what was supposed to be a silly sex comedy. While the actual movie, DEEP THROAT, has won critical praise as a good film, the movie about Boreman’s troubled life isn’t doing as well and now faces this lawsuit for using too much copyrighted material.  The movie is set to open August 23.

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