Islamic Cleric May Have Been Behind Attacks On UK Girls

Police want to question an Islamic cleric who may have had a role in planning or encouraging the acid attacks on two Jewish girls from the UK who paid 700 hundred British pounds each to volunteer as teachers for orphans at an Anglican Church school during their Summer vacation before both were to start college in the Fall. So, far it appears that police have either questioned or detained as many as seven men in Zanzibar who are thought to have known something about the terror attack on the two teenage girls which some now believe to be a political hate crime against the girls because of their Jewish faith, although the girls made a good effort not to make their religion well known. Both girls will now undergo many expected operations to repair the serious chemical burns caused by the corrosive acid.

One of the two girls’ fathers is a millionaire in the UK, but the family seemed to approve of their daughter doing volunteer work in the resort Island, which was previously known for being a playground for many wealthy persons from Europe. The president of Tanzania is looking to tighten weapons laws in Zanzibar as well, as restrict the sale of acids that have recently been used as weapons in warfare by Christian and Muslim extremists.

It is expected that the tourist industry in Zanzibar will really suffer as a result of the recent level of violence there as well as the bad publicity in Europe after this attack, which is also worsening relations with the Muslim community as well, although this violence is only associated with violent extremists. 

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  • Commander_Chico

    I bet that imam had Gulf Arab money paying him. Thanks for the update.

    • Paul Hooson

      There was word last night that this radical cleric was wounded in the shoulder by police attempting to escape arrest.

  • ljcarolyne

    MAY? This cleric needs to be wounded in more than just his shoulder. . .off with his head!

  • ljcarolyne

    “It is expected that the tourist industry in Zanzibar will really suffer as a result”… and rightfully so. Who the Hell would go there, pray tell. IF. . . America doesn’t get these extremist Muslims out of our country, we can expect the same, starting with the Usurper. Common Core is part of all this, BTW! America better wise up!!!