British Teenagers Attacked By Muslims In Zanzibar

Muslim extremists are stepping up violence against nonMuslims in Zanzibar as two 18 year old British volunteer teachers were attacked by acid thrown by men on a moped. It’s the latest example of antiChristian violence plaguing that troubled nation where some Christians and Muslim extremists have been involved in a back and forth war of violence. A major Muslim Sheik was injured in an acid attack by Christian extremists back in November, following the killings of two priests by gunfire, and the cycle of violence in this semi-autonomous region of Tanzania seems to slowly spiraling out of control. The British government was outraged at the attacks on the two young volunteer teachers who suffered burns to their faces, chests and backs when the corrosive acid was thrown on them. Them were hospitalized locally and will be flown back to Britain for further medical treatment. Often acid attacks are some of the most serious burns there are because they often require all affected skin to be removed and skin grafted over, unlike fire injury burns which can sometimes be treated with less radical means if the damage is not too deep.  About 1.2 million people in Zanzibar, with only 3% being Christian, but the wave of back and forth violence will only encourage those living in the region to leave if they can afford it or else possibly get caught up in this wave of outrageous violence.  Besides this wave of sectarian violence,  police are also busy combating a separatist movement often associated with protests that involve street clashes.

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  • Commander_Chico

    The damn Saudis fund imams and mosques which promote this extremism. That was the country that should have been invaded.

    • Paul Hooson

      This outrageous attack on two pretty young British girls has outraged the average person living in the UK. The UK wants some strong action here, and feeling the pressure the government in Zanzibar is reportedly now offering a $6,000 reward to make arrests in this case. This crime has been a public relations disaster for this Zanzibar government.

      • Commander_Chico

        Yep they depend on tourism.