Women Receiving Illegal Roadside Cavity Searches In Texas

Constitution? What constitution seems to be what law enforcement is saying in Texas where women are now being subjected to roadside cavity searches after police make false claims for things such as throwing a cigarette out of a moving car to make an illegal stop. In many cases, these women who say they were subjected to these illegal roadside cavity searches are not even issued a traffic ticket because so little probable cause even existed that they actually committed any actual traffic violation that resulted in their cavity searches of their vagina and anus. Often police officers only use just one glove, going from woman to woman with the same glove. Some women are starting lawsuits against the police over these illegal cavity searches, conducted without true probable cause, without a warrant and without an actual arrest. 

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  • Commander_Chico

    Texas is also leading in confiscating property through bogus forfeitures.


    The more “conservative” a state is, the more the police are out of control.

    • Paul Hooson

      I agree. The public is fearful of crime, but gives the police too much the benefit of the doubt to make unconstitutional arrests, searches or other short cuts, curtailing civil liberties, supposedly because of crime.