Dr. Mayim Bialik Injured In Car Accident

Dr. Mayim Bialik who received her Pd.D. in neuroscience and Hebrew and Jewish studies at UCLA has been injured in a car accident where one finger was nearly severely. The 37 year old actress was best known for her role in BLOSSOM and in THE BIG BANG THEORY as the nerdy Amy character.  The actresses car was hit hard while traveling through an intersection in Los Angeles. Despite her comic roles as an actress, Mayim Bialik is one of the most brilliant and intelligent actors in all of Hollywood, and one of few rare actors to hold a Ph.D. in the sciences. Doctors were able to save the severely injured finger and the actress plans a quick return to work for upcoming episodes of THE BIG BANG THEORY as here popular Amy character who has an awkward relationship with the brilliant, but clueless character, Sheldon.

BTW, Mayim Bialik is far cuter than her Amy character would suggest. We at Wizbang Pop offer her best wishes for a quick and full recovery. We’re so sorry about her accident. We love her on THE BIG BANG THEORY. It’s TV’s #1 comedy for good reason!

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