Argentina’s Bootleg Crimson Records

Because of federal laws in the U.S. and many Western companies, record companies that produce and sell bootlegs are pretty scarce, except in Argentina, where a major new bootleg record label seems to be flourishing with their own Webpage and growing sales on Ebay and other places. Crimson Records seems to have found a legal environment where producing Lps, DVDs and cds of rare concerts, studio outtakes and other rarities by top artists like Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, The Doors and many others has found a market among collectors who already have all the legal recordings of  artists, but now want to collect the rare and unreleased stuff.

Naturally the record companies as well as law enforcement aren’t amused at bootlegs, although many artists actually are closet fans of the bootlegs themselves. Robbie Krieger from The Doors loved to collect bootlegs of The Doors and even helped to compile a boxed set of the best bootleg recordings of the band called BOOT YER BUTT. The multicd set starts out with the highest quality recordings, but the quality keeps getting worse near the end of the last disc in the set to nearly unlistenable despite the best efforts of Rhino records to improve the sound quality through every available digital means.

The record labels and law enforcement no doubt play a bit of a cat and mouse game of trying to bust these small bootleg labels for copyright infringements of their artists. But, there’s no doubt a few others like the artist themselves who take everything in stride and understand if some fans love an artist so much that they’re willing to buy these sometimes awful sounding live recordings or other badly recorded outtakes, then it’s hard to stop fans like that who already own all of the legal music the companies offered. Bootlegs are fan based recordings. Music fans love some artists so much that they’re willing to put up with bad quality just to be able to listen to rarities of their favorites. 

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