Celebrity Skin: Leah Remini Is One Hot Mama!

Never a one to hold back her words, sassy-mouthed actress Leah Remini has been a member of The Church Of Scientology since she was 7 years old. But, now that she has left the church she seems to want a little revenge for some incidents involving her and the church that she didn’t like, and is planning to write some sort of expose on the church. One claim is that the church had some sort of disconnection order issued to the family after her sister previously left the church. And there was another reported conflict between Leah Remini and the head of the church, when he gave an answer to a question that Remini didn’t like.  The 43 year old actress was best known for her roles on SAVED BY THE BELL and THE KING OF QUEENS, but often her sassy style prevented her from getting other acting jobs. In one case, at one audition, at least one producer told her he disliked her sassy style and to leave the audition. He wasn’t going to hire her. But, on THE KING OF QUEENS that sassy style helped to make her a perfect foil for the character played by comic actor Kevin James.

Leah Remini was a co-host on THE TALK. But, despite her previous role on THE KING OF QUEENS her brash style quickly generated a negative reaction at the show leading to her quickly being terminated as a co-host and replaced. This helped to set off a sort of Twitter feud between Remini and Sharon Osbourne for one thing.

But, Remini has her fans. She was an excellent actress on THE KING OF QUEENS, which was a real comedy TV classic. And nothing will ever change that role in which she excelled. And regardless of how some feel about her outspoken style, you have to admit that Leah Remini is one hot mama!



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