Did Hollywood Help Hitler?

For many years it was well known that some of the biggest Hollywood studios were owned by Jewish businessmen who were deeply concerned about the growing Nazi threat in Europe and began sincere efforts to ridicule Hitler including some Three Stooges skits which were decidedly antiNazi and antiAxis. But, now a postdoctoral studies author, Ben Urwand, is offering excerpts of a new book in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Magazine, detailing how many movie studios actually helped to bolster Hitler and the Nazis for at least part of the war. Urwand claims that Nazi influence over Hollywood helped to censor scripts, helped to get some movie productions halted, and in another case, on MGM executive was pressured to divorce his Jewish wife to weaken Jewish influence in Hollywood, as Nazis put heavy pressure on Hollywood to act as propaganda agents for them.

Officially, on Sept 9, THE COLLABORATION: HOLLYWOOD’S PACT WITH HITLER(Harvard University Press) goes on sale. But, what has been already reported in the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER seems to greatly undermine Hollywood’s wartime image as the strong ally for Allied propaganda and bolstering of the Allied war effort. What is seen is that many in Hollywood actually may have acted as traitors against their own country, giving in to Hitler’s pressure efforts.

As THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER story notes, there were more than 250 American films that continued to play in Germany after Hitler took power in 1933. And these films played in Germany because they cooperated with Nazi demands. They were in the pockets of the Nazis. Nazi demanded changes in scripts that made it look like they mistreated Jews and other demands.

Urwand’s unflattering portrait of Hollywood is certainly worthy of reading. Look forward to the official release of the full book in a few days, or catch the excerpts in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER now.

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