George Zimmerman Tells Police He Has A Gun During Traffic Stop

George Zimmerman made news again for more controversial behavior . His truck was stopped in Texas by a police officer for speeding, and almost the first thing out of Zimmerman’s mouth was that he had a gun and his glovebox door was open with the gun in plain sight of the officer. But, instead of turning into another arrest for Zimmerman, where the police officer might have mistaken the situation for threatening, the police officer seemed impressed by Zimmerman’s notoriety and said, “Wow!” when he found out who he was talking to. But, the police officer let Zimmerman go with a warning to take it easy with speeding and not to play with his gun.

Zimmerman was driving a 1988 Honda truck with Florida plates,  and this marks second time in several days when Zimmerman has made some news for himself since he was acquitted by a Florida jury for the shooting  deathof a teenager who was walking home from a 7-11 store who was staying as a guest in the same gated community that Zimmerman lived in.

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  • Vagabond661

    What exactly was “controversial” about Zimmerman’s behavior? If i was stopped by a cop i am supposed to advice the officer i have a legal gun and a concealed carry permit.

    • Paul Hooson

      Looking at the video, about the first thing out of Zimmerman’s mouth was that he had a gun. As a police officer I would be very wary of that. – And he had the glovebox door open and the gun within sight. – To me the smart thing would be to be polite to the officer. Have the glovebox door shut, and only mention the gun in the event that the policeman feels that he has probable cause to search the vehicle for some reason. – On the other hand, I’ve been frisked for weapons by police before, even though they had no probable cause to search me. I had a housefire in 2010, and my brother exchanged a few angry words with a disaster cleanup company, Servpro after some of their employees stole my mother’s jewelry and other valuables and trashed my home. – But, even though I never said anything even remotely threatening to these people, they had a number of police show up at my house while I talked to them and frisked me for weapons before I was allowed to talk to the owner of Servpro. I advised the police that you have no probable cause to search me. But go ahead, and I’ll probably sue you later as well as Servpro. I everything goes by appearance or even racial profiling these days. – Zimmerman got a pass on a speeding ticket as well as a clumsy traffic stop statement, whereas probably many a Black or others would have gotten a far different treatment I think.

      So look at me below here. Don’t you think that some guys get profiled by police and frisked for weapons while other guys don’t? What about Blacks? I think this latest case involving Zimmerman only illustrates that law enforcement treats some people differently than others.

      • LiberalNightmare

        << about the first thing out of Zimmerman's mouth was that he had a gun. As a police officer I would be very wary of that.

        it is actually a requirement of most ccw laws, that you inform an officer immediately during a traffic stop if you are carryinig. In fact people have lost their permits for not notifying police soon enough.

        • Paul Hooson

          If it’s a legal requirement then I’m fine with that. The law is the law.- The news only struck me as odd yesterday, because Zimmerman remains in the news as a celebrity for odd stuff like this now.

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  • Let’s hope the cop doesn’t get fired by the control freak in the WH.
    It would be just like him, BHO doesn’t like anyone to have a job.