UK Creating Phony Pornography Crisis

Like most Western governments, citizens are angry at failed attempts by the government to improve the economy, so to divert attention away from the politically damaging effects of inaction on the economy, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron in the UK has recently announced far reaching efforts to censor the Internet in the UK of adult websites.  Cameron has proposed automatic filters of adult Websites by default, supposedly to protect children, and also arresting adults for some forms of pornography legal in much of the free world known as “extreme pornography”, which may feature acts of an  S&M nature or possibly even energetic sex acts  that the government claims could result in injury to the actors in such material  under some misguided guise of combating crime. Civil libertarians and Internet users alike have denounced such far reaching attempts by government to censor the Internet.

In the UK since 2009 some British citizens including one reporter who was Chinese who had reported  from Hong Kong, have been arrested and remanded in some cases while police and prosecutors examined the adult material owned by these persons to decide whether to prosecute them or not. It has been a very controversial use of UK  law to arrest adults for mere possession of adult material that some in the UK government consider to be extreme in nature, that is distributed legally in much of the free Western world. These censorship laws have been so extreme in itself that a number of formerly UK Websites dealing in such softcore material as spanking fetish movies have moved offshore to places like Denmark out of fear of arrests.

Strangely, in the UK, Internet searches for adult material are more popular than they are in the U.S. In Germany, one study found Germans nearly 1.5 times more likely to surf for adult material than Americans are, while some other studies claim that men in Pakistan and other repressed Muslim countries like Iran are the most likely to surf the Internet for adult material in the world.

Even simple and harmless displays of female breasts that have appeared for many years on UK newsstands are under current attack by a campaign of feminists who are spearheading a “Lose The Lads” campaign to rid  newsstands of magazines and newspapers that feature bare female breasts. These topless model magazines and newspapers are often called “Lad Magazines” and appeal especially to high school aged boys because they feature topless women and are not age restricted material like the more adult material is that depicts genitals or actual intercourse.

The UK seems to be under the whim of some fanatical new wave of Victorian thinking right now, instead of concentrating on the economy. And citizens are being rounded up the UK police for adult material that may strange in nature, but is perfectly legal in most of the Western world. And UK Prime Minister David Cameron seems to be taking a page straight out of Nazi fascism here. Like a true idiot, Cameron admits that he’s never personally seen or viewed any disturbingly extreme pornography on his own computer, yet he’s claimed to have heard secondhand, mind you, that such material actually exists. If that isn’t the true definition of a complete political idiot, then I don’t know what is.  

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