Topless Protesters Have A Housefire

Femen, that formerly Ukraine and Russia based feminist topless protester organization has recently set up their headquarters in Paris. And after events such as staging topless protests in conservative Muslim areas of Paris, encouraging Muslim women to undress and wear less clothes, there has been an increasingly angry backlash against the topless protester group, where their main club house has now had a fire of suspicious origin. French arson investors will be looking at any evidence that the fire was deliberately set as a political consequence of this organization’s topless protests. A number of persons associated with Femen have also faced recent beatings and assaults. A male political scientist suffered serious facial injuries in one recent assault. The organization used the novelty of topless protests to attract attention, but now it seems as if many persons are very annoyed at this organization, and are increasingly willing to use force and violence to quiet down this group. What started out as something novel, and mostly attracted some laughs, has suddenly turned much more serious.

The groups bizarre protests have always been more than hard to comprehend. You didn’t know whether you were supposed to hand them a dollar for being a terrible street performer version of a stripper or not?

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