HOUSE OF WAX 60th Anniversary 3D Blu-ray Coming

The 60th anniversary  blu-ray of the 1953 3D horror classic film, HOUSE OF WAX,  staring Vincent price is set for a Oct 1, 2013 release date. Movie critics have long contended that this movie was far and away the very best of the early 3D films both for the quality of the film as well as the 3D effects for the vintage of this film. Like million over the years, yet has had enduring quality as one of the greatest 3D productions of all time despite a number of 3D gimmicks which may seem very campy to many viewers.  This movie also gave Vincent Price his first quality role playing a crazed killer, opening his path to many more leading roles in films.

One strange story from this movie emerges here as well. The producers of this film were looking for a quality director make what was to be the best 3D ever made up to this point, and settled on director Andre De Toth, who strangely only had vision in one eye, and could not see the result of the effects in 3D for himself.

HOUSE OF WAX revolutionized both the horror movie industry as well as the 3D movie making industry, becoming a gold standard, raising the bar for other horror movies and 3D productions. One early 3D movie was the simply awful B&W Sci Fi film, ROBOT MONSTER, from 1953, made for a mere $16,000, but it grossed $1 million. Compared to this awful film, HOUSE OF WAX was light years better in every way as a film and for 3D effects.


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