Nazi Space Suits & Space Ships

As an effort to win the war, Nazi scientists once developed both space suits and gave some early planning efforts to developing rockets that could launch space shuttle-like space ships into orbit that could attack U.S. targets and then return back to Germany. There were also efforts to build a three man intercontinental bomber that could fly non-stop from Germany to New York City, drop an atomic bomb on the city, and the crew would bail out and ditch the plane somewhere. American intelligence and military officials were impressed enough that as the war ended, Operation Paperclip was undertaken where many top Nazi scientists were brought to the U.S. to keep them from being brought back to the Soviet Union. Wehner Von Braun and others became an important part of later NASA space program for the United States, although the Soviet Union was able to get a jump on the U.S. for a time with their successful launch of the Sputnik satellite in October 1957.


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