Musician Legend JJ Cale Dead at 74

JJ Cale was one of the great ones. An award winning songwriter and performer, he had so many admirers including Eic Clapton and others who loved to perform his songs.  Oklahoma born John Weldon Cale managed to successfully combine elements of Cajun music, Tulsa sound and other elements creating a laid back style that sometimes had it’s own intensity. Eric Clapton loved JJ Cale songs like  “After Midnight” and other compositions, while JJ Cale managed some minor hits on his own performing singles like “Crazy Mama” and “Lies”.  Sometimes playing a beatup acoustic guitar that looked like a piece of junk, that had no back, JJ Cale managed a unique sound to many of his recordings. Some music critics ranked JJ Cale and Jimi Hendrix as being two of the best electric guitar players of all time as well.

The 74 year old legend suffered a heart attack in California, passing away. He’ll be greatly missed and becomes another great music legend to pass away this year, joining Alvin Lee of Ten Years After and Ray Manzarek of The   Doors.

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  • fustian24

    There’s just something about JJ Cale’s music. Laid back, quiet, simple, but still really interesting.

    I read somewhere that he would just travel around until he needed more money. Then he’d stop at a recording studio and make a record.

    He’s also behind Cocaine, Cherry, Call me the Breeze, and Cajun Moon.

    • Paul Hooson

      He was a true legend. “Crazy Mama” had me hooked. His “After Midnight” as done by Eric Clapton was a true classic. – There’s a strange personal story there. After I bought that record, I had an accident and accidentally broke that record. That was an alltime first for me. I never broke a record before out oooof my 10,000 record collection. So I bought a replacement, and had an accident with that one too of all things. I had to buy a third copy which lasted me for years, until I had a housefire….Hence, my housefire jokes…But, I have both JJ Cale and Eric Clapton’s versions safely on Cds.