The Bizarre Business World Of Dr. Lomp

Maximilian Lomp is one of the world’s most outrageous adult fetish filmmakers.  This filmmaker from Hungary was associated with a small group of filmmakers from Hungary who found themselves arrested in 2010 after a woman reported these filmmakers to the police after she was unhappy at a film shoot involving intense and real acts of S&M, claiming that the film contract that she agreed to didn’t really prepare her or state just how realistic or painful these acts of S&M would actually be for the film. Hungary police called in a SWAT type team unit which found film production being done at a house that had re-enforced doors and protections similar to a drug house, and police arrested a number of persons associated with Mood Pictures which left the market for a while. But, it appeared that nothing came of these arrests. This appeared to be a legal film company that uses consenting adults into the world of S&M, and the movies produced by this company are legally sold through much of Europe and the United States via the Internet, despite their often underground seeming nature. Some places like the UK might ban these films because of their extreme nature, but they still still depict incredible and outrageous S&M acts by consenting adults. You have to wonder why beautiful women will participate in movies like this, yet there’s a cult of persons in Hungary who love acting in these films and are more than willing to participate as actors in these extreme S&M productions, which seems to blow the mind.

For a while, Maximilian Lomp attempted to start his own film production company apart from Mood Pictures or their spinoff brand, Elite Pain, but his own business attempt seemed to fall flat despite his own attempts at self-promotion by posting sample videos on free porn video sites as many companies do in an attempt to attract customers. For some reason, customers just did not follow Maximilian Lomp over to his own film company venture in great numbers, so now his films are being distributed by Elite Pain. In the past couple of weeks, Dr. Lomp has appeared to close his own Website and move his films over to the larger Website, proving that sex doesn’t always sell, unless you also market it right.

The funny thing about Dr. Lomp, Mood and Elite Pain’s movies is this. As shocking and painful as these movies often appear, where you wonder why would any beautiful woman would ever in the world want to act in such movies, outtakes show a whole different side here. A world of fantasy. Actors and production crew laugh and joke before the filming starts, and after the camera cuts, an actor receives a round of thunderous applause for creating their illusion of being a tortured slave during the filming. Some scenes require some medical attention to the actors, but they are often smiling and laughing after their performance, proud of their own acting skills.  Dr. Lomp, Mood and Elite Pain have found a number of S&M actors who love to appear as doms or subs, who love their work. Nobody feels exploited or victimized here, despite how outrageous and shocking these movies often are. In the United States, there aren’t film companies any remotely similar to these outlandish brands of films from Hungary.

These movies are very cheaply made, with few props, but with a few dungeon sets within this old house used for production, the company still manages to turn out some interesting films with reasonable technical quality. Some films involve little more than Dr. Lomp wearing a monk’s robe and using a number of commercially available or even handmade punishment toys on the beautiful women actresses, who act like they’re in tears during the filming, but often break into smiles and laughter once the camera stops. It’s all a fantasy act to make a movie that everyone is part of. It’s a business for kicks and for profit.  – One of the latest productions by one of these companies involves Lomp acting as a judge in a case where a woman is found guilty of certain crimes,  so is supposedly punished by the court in a variety of ways. One punishment looks like an electric chair, but electrodes are only placed on some of her more private areas, and she is supposed to receive some shocks there(but this could all be fake and just acting with a new prop meant to look like an electric chair, here. This is afterall, just some fantasy movie), then she does later receive some real whippings to further punish her.  But, it’s meant just to create a fantasy story, and the actress is a willing participant here, and probably as good as new in a few days once any marks on her completely disappear and she’s enjoying spending her production money on new clothes, jewelry or whatever she likes.

As far as a business model, none of these brands appear to make a great deal of money. But, it’s an interesting business model of a group of consenting adults who get together to produce S&M fantasy movies for a profit, and are proud and happy to be part of this small film production business. 

These actors and production crew at these companies have found an offbeat way to whip up some profits.  Looking at what these film production companies are doing quickly becomes more apparent. They’re making a variation on horror movies and setting up good vs. evil themes much like horror movies often do, a sort of morality play, where you hiss the villain and cheer the hero, and feel sympathy for the victim of the bad guys.


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  • jerry dumar

    I can only say is I “love these movies”. I really love seeing these beautiful asses being whipped. (not vaginas, or breasts and not so much backs…just the butts) American movies with the slap ass during sex, for me, is a turn off. Not interested in watching a woman spanked during the sex act. Weird, right? Knowing that the women in Lomp’s films are not seriously injured is also a relief.

  • Фобос

    Well…I watched some clips, liked one model, and now I’m studying
    Hungarian language…köszönöm