Special Head(Danny Wolverton) Becomes A Celebrity

28 year street performer and musician Danny Wolverton has become a celebrity. His Facebook page is being covered with thousands of likes and mostly positive  fan letters. For his first performance on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, the young entertainer used a mystic act to perform one of the most incredible looking and shocking levitation illusions ever. Suddenly, his act became the most talked about act on the show and on YouTube his videos of his performance have been viewed so many times that one of these videos should top the 2.5 million views in a few days.  This is far more YouTube views than any other top act competing for the big prize on AMERICA’s GOT TALENT. For a few days, this awesome performance looked to be powerful enough to propel Danny Wolverton all the way towards winning AGT for 2013.  But, then Wolverton didn’t seem to be able to follow up with his first performance with anything nearly as spectacular as this first levitation stunt which Wolverton has performed over and over again as a street performer and at events like Burning Man. It’s as if Wolverton became a real master of one incredible illusion, but was hard pressed to have another illusion in the event he would ever move ahead in the competition. Yet, with his cheerful and upbeat personality that only wants people to be happy, to entertain and delight others, it should ignite a fresh passion in Danny Wolverton to work hard to develop new illusions and to move on to becoming a stage performer, maybe with regular bookings at a Las Vegas hotel.

It wasn’t only that Danny Wolverton created real magic with his first AGT performance, it was also that he managed to ignite a huge loyal fan base that he now needs to satisfy with more new amazing illusions and his own rightful place as a great entertainer. Nice guys do finish first.

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