Special Head’s AGT Levitation Trick Revealed

Click This Here   On AMERICA’S GOT TALENT  a street performer appears to go into a trance and then pulls off a shocking levitation stunt. The audience and judges are shocked. – But, there’s no mystic magic here, just a clever variation on 100 year old Indian mystic trick. In India, fake mystics use a small chair hidden under their robe connected to their cane which acts as a support for their chair. These fake holy men collect offerings with this illusion. It’s a form of begging. – Special Head has adopted his own version of this Indian illusion for a street performer act. He appears to put himself into a trance for showmanship and then appears to levitate himself when his trance state is complete, making unique noises to fool the audience that he’s summoning up some amazing mystic power to float in air. But, in reality, he’s putting the end of the cane into some hole on the floor of the stage and connecting a heavy metal rod that goes up his arm to a harness with a small chair on it. Note how Howie asks the performer if he is doing okay, as he has a hard time walking across the stage and he’s a little late coming on stage. He has to put on the harness and has some difficulty walking with it. But, this illusion does require some strength to do because the harness and small chair are much smaller than in the Indian street version of the same stunt. Once the performer shocks the audience with this illusion, then he appears to break the trance, and uses a small stage explosion to act as a cover for him disconnecting the metal bar running up his sleeve, and more acting takes place as he appears to awaken from his trance which supposedly gave him mystic powers to levitate. It’s excellent showmanship, and an unique variation on an old Indian mystic trick, but it’s hardly real magic. When done on the street, the crowd usually gives this performer a bucket full of money.  Now, he’s doing the same trick for a one million dollar prize on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.

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  • Armin

    Thats impossible because there is videos of him doing it naked. Theres also another video with him in his underwear