Both CBS and NBC have to be all smiles. UNDER THE DOME has given CBS a brand new Summer action series that has been ratings gold, and AMERICA’S GOT TALENT continues it’s yearly Summer season success story as well. Both, shows have given the two networks top notch Summer entertainment that audiences just love and can’t stay away from. UNDER THE DOME manages to move along at such a pace in most episodes, that the hour seems to just fly by, where you’d love to see more. Last night’s episode wass a perfect example. There was a big buildup to the military using a bomb to try to penetrate the dome, which failed, meaning this dome is now seemingly impossible to penetrate. Yet, you know that new ideas will be tried to figure it out.

AMERICA’s GOT TALENT continues to impress audiences with some terrific acts. But, so far no act really stands out as likely to walk away with the top prize at this point. Some years, a winner apparent is a little more clear. And it seems that both Howard Stern and Howie Mandel are very popular judges this year as well. 

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