Anthony Weiner Admits To More Lewd Texts

Disgraced former congressman and New York City mayorial candidate Anthony Weiner has admitted to more lewd texts after he resigned from disgrace congress. One woman claims a text relationship with Weiner that extended to perhaps November of 2012. Weiner and his wife, who is aide to Hillary Clinton, called a press conference this afternoon where Weiner vowed to stay in the race despite the news. Weiner had been leading in the polls, where voters had hoped that Weiner’s problems were behind him, however today’s news and hasty press conference illustrate the extent of damage control that Weiner needs here. Likely, many voters will start to look at other candidates here, and Weiner suffers some decline in support.

According to one Website which broke the news of more Weiner texts, THE DIRTY, Weiner was promising some woman that he was having phone sex a condo in a good Chicago neighborhood. Weiner sometimes had phone sex with this woman up to several times a day.

Some rumor now exists that actor Alec Baldwin may want to run for mayor of NYC now that Weiner has been damaged by this latest round of scandal. But, other sources say no.

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