Another George Zimmerman?

A Milwaukee judge has sentenced a 76 year old man who falsely accused his 13 year old neighbor of stealing four guns to life in prison after he shot the boy to death after an argument. The case has a little bit of similarity to the George Zimmerman case in that the neighbor racially profiled his neighbor, argued with him, then used his gun to kill the teenager. Police investigated the home of teenager, Darius Simmons, finding no evidence that the boy had been involved in the theft of the four guns owned by 76 year old John Henry Spooner. Yet, Spooner was convinced that the teenage neighbor was responsible so he shot the boy to death after an argument. It took the jury only an hour to return the guilty verdict and for the judge in the case to impose the life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Spooner now finds himself open to a wrongful death lawsuit as well. 

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  • cirby

    Except, of course, ZImmerman didn’t “racially profile” Martin, Simmons wasn’t attacking Spooner and slamming his head to the ground, and pretty much all of the rest of the case except the races of the people involved.

    But, of course, all some people can see is the color of people’s skin…

    • Paul Hooson

      The story did have a number of differences as you mention, Cirby. Locally, this story had some interest because some compared it to the Zimmerman case, although the story didn’t have the same murky details of the Zimmerman case or an actual fist fight after the argument.