Dennis Farina Dead -Former Policeman & Actor

Dennis Farina a former Chicago policeman who found a great career as an actor after his retirement from law enforcement has died.  He was 69. The cause of death was said to be a blo0d clot in the lung, ending the life of the former lawman who often played either policemen or gangsters in movies as a remarkable character actor. From 1967 until 1985 Dennis Farina was a Chicago area police officer, but he soon found himself in demand for productions such as GET SHORTY or Tv’s LAW & ORDER after actor Jerry Orbach passed away from cancer and a tough actor replacement was needed for the very long running crime series. Stage actor Jerry Orbach was often called “Mr. Law & Order” because he seemed like such a natural for the show, but Dennis Farina was a skilled tough guy actor that did well with the show, but left after only a short run on the series.

On his FACEBOOK page, Dennis Farina was always so friendly to his fans. He played a tough guy in the movies and TV, but he was actually a very nice man who loved his many fans and so deeply appreciated them.  Dennis Farina worked the burglary division for the Chicago Police Department, helping to solve many crimes and helping owners get their property back. 

We at Wizbang Pop certainly appreciate the work of Dennis Farina both as an actor and a former police officer. He’s a stage presence that will be deeply missed.  We urge any fans of this great actor to post some warm wishes over at the Facebook page of Dennis Farina and give his family some support and comfort right now.  This has to be a deeply sad day for his sons and family.

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  • Shawn


    We get a hard gut-punch from the untimely death of James Gandolfini goes, and now this.

    Dennis Farina was a hidden gem. He could turn from hilarious to menacing in a second, and you could feel it both at the same time.

    ‘Midnight Run’ was a sleeper ‘buddy’ movie with Farina. It’s in my top ten favorite flicks of all time, if not the top five. I can watch it every time it shows on TV, and I’ll still pop in the DVD. (If you have never seen it, watch it. I think it’s one of the best De Niro flicks made. The dialogue is a damned treasure trove of memorable quotes.)

    Any time a scene with Farina came in, it was a friggin’ treat. He was both funny and intimidating.

    What a shitty shame.

    • Paul Hooson

      I agree fully here. Both of these actors were so good in their ways. I’m so glad that this retired police officer decided to give us all a treat when he became a real treasure as an actor. Another great actor gone way too soon…