Topless Book Club Wonders Where The Boys Are?

Gee, sometimes it seems like that group of  topless young women who comprise the Coed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society wonder why so few guys want to come out in the sun with them? Well, the reason might be sort of obvious. It might be a little hard for some guys to control something that might be best used for hanging a hat at times. Gee, I look at that poor guy in a swimsuit with that beautiful topless girl standing next to him.  That’s one heck of a situation right there.  The guy may not even be a carpenter, but suddenly he finds himself more into wood than he ever wants to be at the moment. At any rate, here’s the latest antics from those topless girls form that club and their Saturday adventure in the park. All in a day’s work for these girls….

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    Where is this?