Classic Wax: Canned Heat: LIVING THE BLUES

LIVING THE BLUES, the third album by the exceptional rock blues act, Canned Heat, became one of the first double albums in history of rock music to do well on the charts, and the single off the album, “Going Up The Country” became a huge hit as well for the band, peaking at #11 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 charts. Surprisingly, the song was actually pretty much a cover version of   the old Herry Thomas song, “Bull Doze Blues” recorded in 1929.  Hear The Henry Thomas 1929 song here.  Hear the Canned Heat Song here.

LIVING THE BLUES featured disc one of great studio material including many songs destined to become Canned Hear classics including “Boogie Music, as well as the lengthy epic song, “Parthenogenesis” which covered the entire side two of the first album. Disc two was covered completely by another epic Canned Heat jam version, performed live of  “Refried Boogie”, which gave individual members of Canned Heat the opportunity to showcase their solo talents as well as the overall musical ability of what had to be the best rock boogie blues act of the hippie era. The members of Canned Heat were all blues historians, each demonstrating incredible skills doing new rock versions of old blues standards as well writing incredible new blues creations. This was easily one of the 1960’s best recording acts of all time.

Today, Canned Heat still performs shows, although two of the band members, Alan Wilson and Bob “Bear” Hite have passed away.  But, most of the cd’s of the band are from Europe, where this band still remains a popular cult favorite with much of their former popularity in their native U.S. largely forgotten.  Mexican born drummer, Adolfo de La Parra, remains the only original member of the band for the most part in these later years, considering himself to be the “custodian” of the great legacy of this incredibly talented blues rock act. And there’s many fans of Canned Heat who would like to thank  Adolfo de la Parra for keeping the lights on with this act while the other members have since passed away or moved on.  He’s done an incredible service here to the blues. 

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