The Most Outrageous Picture Sleeve Ever

In 1971, the hard rock band Steppenwolf released their album FOR LADIES ONLY which was to be their farewell album for about three years while John Kay pursued a solo career and eventually reformed the band for three strong albums from 1974 to 1976, including SLOW FLUX, HOUR OF THE WOLF and SKULLDUGGERY. FOR LADIES ONLY featured a controversial gatefold inside of a penis shaped sports car that looked strangely like some British classic MG inspired car. They say that a car is an extension of a man’s penis, and in this case it seemed a little too obvious. But, surprisingly, this strange and controversial penis shaped car photo found it’s way onto European release as the picture sleeve for the “For Ladies Only” single which was backed with the flip side of “Sparkle Eyes”.

Probably, this was one of the most outrageous picture sleeve covers ever for a single. The album also produced another excellent single, the Mars Bonfire classic, “Ride With Me” which was another biker classic that went along with his “Born To Be Wild” megahit song that he also wrote for Steppenwolf. Strangely, while Steppenwolf has long been associated as perhaps the greatest biker band of all time, only former band member Goldie McJohn was a Harley rider.  While John Kay had the perfect biker look, he actually has severe vision limitations where he only sees the world in black and white and grey and is considered to be legally blind and cannot drive a car or a motorcycle.  Yet, both Steppenwolf  and John Kay remain favorites within the biker culture, even if part of that image is a little bit removed from the reality of facts. 

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