Fiat’s Hot New Ad Backed By T.Rex Classic

Maybe the third or fourth time is the charm for Fiat to break into the U.S. market, but the Italian carmaker finally appears to have a decent foothold in the U.S. market with their stock ownership in Chrysler and the success of their Fiat 500 retro based cars. Now, an excellent ad featuring that powerful T.Rex classic “Children Of The Revolution” seems to be a direst hit, playing on themes of Paul Revere and American independence as well as this British classic with it’s revolutionary and hard hitting sound and classicly composed uniquely T.Rex sound.

The new ad is meant to promote a new larger version of the Fiat 500 that is a 5 passenger model, the Fiat 500 L.

The small Fiats are selling in good numbers where Americans seem to love the little cars, and backed with this excellent and well produced ad, Fiat looks like it’s finally firing on all cylinders in the U.S. Click Here To Watch This

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