Fetish Queen Proud Of Wizbang Pop Stories

Christy Cutie, the beautiful 22year old Los Angeles college student who is one of the most popular stars of the  fetish scene has listed links to her Wizbang Pop stories on one her Websites she owns.  She’s pretty proud to get positive write-ups in the mainstream entertainment press, which noted both her beauty as well as acting ability, as well as her friendly nature where she cares very much about her fans, and welcomes Emails and other fanmail and well wishes. – Christy has taken time out to write Wizbang Pop before, and we were only very happy to exchange some Emails with this fast rising star on the fetish scene who is becoming a real fan favorite.

Here’s to you Christy! Wizbang Pop loves you as much as you love Wizbang Pop! The feeling is mutual here! – Not everyone gets paid to enjoy themselves like you do, but we appreciate all of your hard work! Much continued success to you!

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