AOL, George Zimmerman & George Zimmer

How unfortunate is this? When you punch AOL today looking for the latest news related to the controversial George Zimmerman, the only photo that seems to pop up on the right hand column is that of George Zimmer, the recently fired founder of the Men’s Warehouse by the company board in a sort of coup against this company’s founder. That’s not right. What’s wrong with search engines anyway? The only motto that I think might fit for George Zimmerman is: “You’re going to like the way your son looks in his funeral suit….I guarantee it!”…..

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  • cirby

    Some rioters attacked a Men’s Warehouse because of – you guessed it – the name Zimmer.

    • Paul Hooson

      Really, is that true, or a good joke?

    • Paul Hooson

      Wow, I just looked it up Cirby. That’s so crazy. I guess to someone who’s dumb enough to throw rocks and bottles, the two names sound similar enough. If takes half a brain to throw stuff, so not being able to read only goes with the territory, I guess.