After another controversial Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of the most serious charges related to the death of her daughter, another Florida jury has rocked the legal world with another controversial decision finding self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman not guilty of all charges related to the shooting death of a teenager, Trayvon Martin, who went to a 7-11 store to buy a pack of Skittles candy and an Arizona Tea, but took a shortcut home through a gated community. Without any probable cause, George Zimmerman armed himself with a gun and followed after Martin, after Zimmerman called 911 and reported Martin who had not committed any crime, and a 911 operator requested that Zimmerman not follow after Martin. Zimmerman began to run after Martin, and an argument ensued that resulted in a fight. And when Zimmerman realized that he wasn’t doing well in the fight, despite a big weight advantage over the tall but slim teenager, he pulled out his handgun killing the teenager at close range. Prosecutors charged Zimmerman with murder, but the judge in the trial offered the jury the opportunity to find Zimmerman guilty on the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Zimmerman probably isn’t a bad man. But, his psychology of wanting to be like a policeman, but with no training has only landed him in legal problems once again. Before, when he was hired as a security guard for a party he roughed up some small woman for little reason. Zimmerman has neither the intelligence nor the good judgement to be either a policeman or security of any type. He’s a good example of how dangerous some guy with a gun that doesn’t have good judgement is. A gun in Zimmerman’s hands was like a ticking timebomb. Someone would eventually lose their life. Trayvon Martin became the unfortunate victim here.

Now, the nation waits for a reaction in the face of this controversial decision that has been a setback to race relations in the U.S. – Will this mean race riots or not, in a nation that has twice elected a Black president by handy margins, yet remains with some still lingering racial harmony problems. Will there be fireworks, or will citizens just be calm in a decision that many will believe to be outrageous? The nation awaits….