Colt Ford Combines Hip Hop & Country

Colt Ford – I Back Down For No One  Country rapper Colt Ford has combined the unique style of  hip hop with country to produce a unique brand of redneck country such as this pro-gun song.  An interesting mash-up between two very different musical styles for sure with a decidedly different political message than that coming from the hip hop community as well. So far, Colt Ford’s unique style remains largely his own. Don’t expect most country artists to hop on the hip hop train quite yet, or to start driving a crossover version of redneck and donk oriented pickups trucks quite yet.  But, you’re finding hip hop influence in the darnest places these days! – BTW, Colt Ford is also a professional golfer as well, if his story isn’t unique and strange enough.

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  • MunDane68

    Also Cowboy Troy