All Hail The Mighty Imperial

Chrysler Motor’s top of the line car, the Imperial never sold as well as GM’s Cadillac or Ford’s Lincoln, yet it was a mighty luxury car and during the 1960’s some of the Imperials  were huge 229 inch land yachts with giant mountain 440 cubic inch V8 power.  The 1960’s ABC TV series, THE GREEN HORNET even used a customized Imperial as The Black Beauty car driven by Bruce Lee’s Kato character. A short lived NBC TV sitcom that only lasted from Sep 1966 to Jan 1967 that starred wacky actor Richard Mulligan featured a customized Imperial as well. But, as big and beautiful and powerful as those 1960’s Imperials were, they just never made a dent into Cadillac or Lincoln sales and eventually were dropped by Chrysler, but did briefly return as a specialty model before being retired for good.

At one time, the Imperial was the top of the line Chrysler model, but eventually Imperial became it’s own car brand despite using the same body as the Chrysler Newport and New Yorker line of cars. 

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