The Best Marc Bolan & T.Rex Bootleg Ever

Legendary glam rock musician Marc Bolan has been one of the prolific artists during his short life before he was killed in a car accident just before reaching age 30.  Since his death, fans have managed to release a huge catalog of bootleg fan based recordings beyond the massive volume of posthumous licensed releases. A brand new Marc Bolan 3 disc box set of rarities is now making the rounds. Thinly disguised as a legal release by Ariola from Japan, this 3 disc box set is an amazing collection of well produced and digitally enhanced Marc Bolan & T.Rex rarities such as live concert performances, outtakes and demos.

Pulling together performances from The Beat Club in Germany, French TV, NBC TV’s MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT and a number of rarer studio demos and outtakes, RESURRECTING ALL YOU PAST BEFORE THE FLAMING DAWN is one of the best sounding, well produced and best quality bootleg     packages ever released. You can tell that this album was an ambitious labor of love for some fans of Marc Bolan to assemble such a well made package as this.

This package hardly comes too cheap. Expect to pay near $30 for a copy of it. But, this bootleg boxset is well worth the price of admission. Check out Ebay and the Internet to track down a copy of this this album. It will make any fan of Marc Bolan really happy. It’s as good and well produced as any legal licensed release. 

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