Eliot Spitzer Will Run Against His Madam For Office

In what has to be one of the most bizarre election line-ups of all time, Eliot Spitzer who was disgraced in a prostitution scandal will run against his former Madam who helped to procure him his prostitute for the New York City Comptroller office. Kristen Davis will run as a Libertarian candidate, while Spitzer will run as a Democrat.  Spitzer resigned public office in a 2008 sex scandal in which he and other clients were said to using prostitutes from a high end prostitution service run by Davis who was the Madam of the service. Davis is pretty angry at Spitzer, because she claims that nothing really happened to him while she had to spend three months in prison and left prison broke because of legal fees, fines and government seizure of her property. She seems to be running a revenge campaign, more meant to tear down Spitzer than build herself up. With disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner running for Mayor, voters will get the opportunity to vote for two Democratic candidates involved in sex scandals.

Public radio yesterday commented that Spitzer has managed to manipulate Google searches in his favor by creating other news for himself such as his talk show gig so that when you Google his name, other activity than his role in the sex scandal is more likely to pop up first.

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  • Manhorace

    It’s no less than poetic justice. Kristin Davis will have her chance to beat Eliot Spitzer. Davis is challenging Spitzer in the race for the office of NYC Comptroller. While Davis spent time on Riker’s Island, Spitzer walked away from his crimes and ended up on TV. Now Davis, having paid her debt to society, is ready to put her experience as a Wall Street hedge fund manager and her experience building her multi-million dollar business to work as New York City Comptroller. Spitzer does’t come close in qualifying for the job. I trust Davis, not Spitzer. Davis is on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristin-Davis-Ex-Manhattan-Madam-Political-Activist/234225643283215?ref=ts&fref=ts

    • Paul Hooson

      This is a great story, and indeed poetic justice as you stated. Thanks so much for your comments here. This is simply a hilarious story. Weiner and Spitzer, oh my!!!