Biker Group Protects Military Funerals From Protests

A national organization of patriotic bikers volunteer their services to protect the funerals of servicepersons, police and firemen from the funeral protests organized by members of the radical Westboro Baptist Church. The Patriot Guard Riders help to protect the dignity of funerals by keeping protestors away from causing additional pain to grieving families. Many of the members of  the Patriot Guard Riders are former servicepersons, having served in various branches of service, and these former soldiers were outraged at the tactics of the Westboro Baptist Church, and use peaceful means to insulate the funerals from these outrageous protestors.

The Patriot Guard Riders are not a formal motorcycle club, but a loose group of patriots who use the Internet to make arrangements to be present and act as motorcycle guard at military funerals.  Involving 220,000 volunteer members across the U.S., members of the motorcycle organization greet returning soldiers and visit wounded soldiers in hospitals as well as other support work to honor our veterans.

Membership in the organization is open to all regardless of their political party membership, etc.  The organization is only interested in those with a “deep respect” for the contributions of our veterans. 

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