Men’s Warehouse Continues National Suit Drive Campaign

One fear of many was that the Men’s Warehouse might drop the charity National Suit Drive campaign effort started by founder George Zimmer to benefit at risk men attempting to return to the workforce, but fortunately this company remains committed to this charity effort. The company is asking citizens to donate their gently used suits so that men who light criminal offenders or who suffered business setbacks that left them in poverty could get help from partner organizations to get men good jobs or the help they need to get back into a business so that they can support their family.

Starting as an  outgrowth of his Jewish faith, George Zimmer started the National Suit Drive to benefit men and women who are in poverty, had some problems in the legal system and are attempting to return to the workforce, or lost their money and became nearly homeless, or other problems. George Zimmer’s family had long honored Jewish religious teachings of looking out for others in need, an sharing with the less fortunate. Zimmer’s charity partners with many other social service organizations such as The Volunteers Of America and other groups help those in need. Despite the fact that the management of Men’s Warehouse decided to oust  their founder, George Zimmer, they are still honoring his traditions by having the sixth annual National Suit Drive to benefit our society. The Men’s Warehouse will thank donors by offering them a 50% off on merchandise coupon, good on most items, except shoes, as well as a receipt for a partial tax deduction.

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