Syrian Rebels Behead Monk

A Roman Catholic Website has released a video that purportedly shows a group of Syrian rebels murdering a monk by beheading. If the video is indeed authentic, then it also shows that Syrian rebels represent a wide range of interests, including some elements that could give radical Islamists favorable to al Qaeda or other terrorist movements. The Vatican has also publicly acknowledged the execution murder of the Catholic priest who had opposed some of the extremist goals of local Syrian rebel units operating in his community.

The United States and Russia have some major differences on their policy towards Syria, as Russia opposes allowing the Syrian rebels to be represented as a single force in any peace talks because the rebels represent many different movements and are also looking for ways to maintain Russia’s support for the embattled government run by the Assad family. The U.S. has offered some support for the rebels, but has avoided any actual military support for the most part because it is pretty clear that some Islamist terrorists could be easily strengthened.

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