Tea PartyTypes Protected From Food Stamp Discrimination

Tea Party types who complain about government spending, but seek food stamps or other forms of public welfare services can now rest assured. Fresh messages on SNAP(formerly food stamp program) applications in many states now boldly claim that clients are protected against political discrimination. In fact, in the wake of the IRS incidents, government agencies at all levels are rushing to add political non-discrimination clauses to their documents, along with the usual disclaimers for race, religion, race or in some states, sexual orientation.

Tea Party types must be rejoicing today. Now, they have a set in stone promise that they don’t face political discrimination when they seek public services, even if they spend most of their waking hours condemning government spending up until the very moment that they slip in the front door of a welfare office, asking for a little help for themselves. – But, hey that’s the American way!

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  • cirby

    Yeah, we’re sure all of those Tea Party types are just lining up to collect food stamps – while on their way home from rallies where they call for the abolition of the program.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats have been throwing taxpayer-funded “Food Stamp Parties” to encourage their folks to collect them. Which has been a huge success, since food stamp handouts have doubled during the Obama Presidency.