Big Mike’s Choppers Bite The Dust

According to a BBB report, as of Feb 2013, Big Mike’s Choppers of Bend, Oregon has bitten the dust. BMC choppers such as the Big Daddy and other models only sold for around $26,000 new, which was considerably less than some other specialty chopper brands such as Big Bear Choppers which were around $40,000 or better. But, while Big Mike’s Choppers, as the one I’m riding on here illustrate, used those controversial RevTech engines that many motorcycle fans didn’t much care for while the higher priced Big Bear Choppers went for the far superior SS engines. And that’s probably all the difference here. Despite the lower price, some tuning issues or other problems may have kept many chopper fans away from the BMC choppers. Too bad that BMC didn’t just opt for the highly revered SS engines. Bike buyers have proven that they are willing to pay more to go SS.

When they ran in tune, the BMC choppers were very fast, making a Corvette seem like a granny car by comparison with 88cubic inch and 100 cubic inch engines common. Some Big Bear Choppers have 145cubic inch monster engines. That’s some serious horsepower there fella! 

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