The Return Of Studebaker?

The CEO of the Studebaker Motor Company, Ric Reed, has some interesting plans to revive the old nameplate, yet without enough investment so far to realize actual production of any cars, the upstart automobile company still hopes to find some path back to production of modern cars with the Studebaker nameplate on them. Ric Reed runs a Colorado based clothing company, and is a true believer that the old nameplate can be revived with modern technology cars such as hybrid vehicles and has a few interesting drawings or concept models to show off what he believes the new auto company could achieve with help from the right investors.

A few years ago the same company attempted to market some scooters with the Studebaker nameplate, but now those have been dropped. But, a few T-shirts or other items are for sale by the small company with a modern version of the Studebaker “S” brand on them.

The  real Studebaker cars actually ended their production run in 1966 with only 8,935 Studebaker Cruiser models produced that year before the company Concentrated on STP oil additive products before eventually selling off that brand as well. 

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