How Credit Card Companies Censor The Internet

An interesting story of Internet censorship has surfaced. A UK women, Pandora Blake, who produces fetish adult videos, which are high quality, often with a reasonable sense of style  as well as writing, and hardly the most explicit of adult material on the Internet finds herself at the mercy of her credit card billing agency, CCBILL, which apparently hold censorship powers over the content of her site. One seemingly harmless film involved a group of pirates having a sword fight and a couple of women end up getting a little spanking at the end of the film. The credit card biller thought that the sword fight was too realistic looking, demanding that Blake remove this film as they would refuse to honor credit card payments for this film and possibly all of her other films. In another case, the credit card biller objected to a martial arts oriented film that resulted in a caning as a final test of will of a female martial arts student. This film was acted by a famous German couple who are well known in the European kinky arts scene, who often practice some S&M in their own private lives. But, neither film was all that extreme and actually pretty harmless looking. Yet, at least three films have been censored by this Internet credit card billing company. This forced Blake to post her censored videos on an Internet site, Darker Dreams, for free downloads to her fans, although she invested production money into each of the films. Apparently, nothing stops the site from accepting donations, but she isn’t allowed to bill credit cards to actually sell the movies.

Many persons are concerned at government censorship of the Internet. But, the fact that credit card companies and advertisers already censor the Internet is a known fact.

Pandora Blake started her small one woman business to make softcore fetish movies as a love of her own. But, that personal mission of her business soon ran into the reality of credit card companies who want to play censor to her movies.

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