New Alvin Lee & Company Live Album Coming

A 1975 live concert by Alvin Lee & Company will soon be released as the first of some posthumous releases for the late rock starr who was widely considered by many critics to one of the greatest guitarists of all time.  Alvin Lee’s daughter, Jasmin, and Alvin were working on this new release before his sudden and unexpected death following routine surgery back in March. Alvin Lee also had a good relationship with Christian singer Mylon Lefevre. Lefevre has just released a new book, LIVE FOREVER, and he has kind words for the long friendship and working relationship of the two rock musicians.

 The 1975 NYC  concert was originally part of a KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR show, but will be released in a new format very soon. In addition, Alvin Lee  had some works in progress songs left over from his final album, STILL ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM, which might provide the basis for part of a new album by Alvin Lee for the near future.

An unusually high number of bootleg recordings of Ten Years After exist because this group was so good live. Some of these bootlegs could eventually have the sound cleaned up and make their way into legal releases in the future as well.

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