Classic Bad Movies: MOB BOSS

Eddie Deezen is an interesting character actor. He reminds you much of a fourth rate Jerry Lewis wannabe, usually only playing bit roles for comic relief in films. However, in MOB BOSS from 1990, Deezen was actually the lead actor along with the annoying character actor William Hickey. Hickey’s voice had all of the qualities of nails on a chalkboard. And Morgan Fairchild is thrown in for good measure in this outrageous sendup of gangster movies in which Hickey hands the organization over to his incompetent son after he is mortally wounded by rival gang members. This sets up an absurd premise where the worst possible actor, Eddie Deezen, gets to play a rare lead role in one of the worst comedy movies of all time, that’s strangely so awful that it’s sort of good in it’s own twisted way.

Strangely, this GODFATHER sendup sort of works, as Deezen channels his best absurd Jerry Lewis rip-off in this film. Of course this film works overtime using that “boing” noise sound effect in many of the comedy bits which seem to borrow both from The Three Stooges as well as Jerry Lewis films, with many slapstick moments.

As an old VHS film, if you find this movie at a garage sale somewhere, then you just might want to give this movie a chance. It’s amazing how such a bad film manages to entertain as well as this one does, where this film almost gets a little better with age. If you like The Three Stooges and Jerry Lewis, this outrageous movie should satisfy you. 

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