George Zimmer Fired By Men’s Warehouse

George Zimmer, the founder of Men’s Warehouse has been fired by the company’s board as they apparently thought that the aging business executive wasn’t good for their image among young business suit buyers although the company is doing very well financially. It was the ultimate slap in the face for one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs who built the company from operating from a van with $700 and a cigar box for cash. Zimmer also built up a solid reputation for being one of the most kind and decent businessman in America, offering free suits to former inmates helping them to get jobs as well as numerous other charity work and donations. George Zimmer was a strong believer in the traditional Jewish faith ethics that his family long believed in, including his parents and grandparents, that those who do well need to do charity work for the less fortunate. In one interview, Zimmer admitted that on a daily basis he reviewed charity requests to help others.

George Zimmer has also established himself as a wealthy social liberal, who donated money to efforts to legalize marijuana as well as to Democratic Party candidates for office including Al Franken, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Howard Dean and Bill Bradley.

George Zimmer’s former company has really underestimated just how popular of a folk figure their founder is and needs to rethink their poor decision to fire this charismatic  leader of their company.  When Zimmer used to say, “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it”,  you knew that his word was as good as gold. Zimmer was the the perfect image of trustworthiness and honor.  The suits his company sells are very fairly priced and very good quality for the money. Men’s Warehouse is a very good company. George  Zimmer is this company’s most important trademark. They should realize that. 

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  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    “We don’t like the way you look.”

    Men’s Wearhouse is a pretty good shop.

    I agree, they are ruining the brand. Who do they think buys suits, 18 year olds?

    • Paul Hooson

      I think this was an incredible slap in the face to one of America’s most trusted and decent businessmen. George Zimmer is a great guy who has brought so much to his company. This is incredible!