AntiGay Christian Group Shuts Down

Exodus International, an antigay Christian organization that claims that it could help homosexuals pray away the gay, by changing their sexual orientation with prayer has decided to close down after 37 years in business. And the Christian business organization went even farther by offering an apology to the gay community for any suffering they caused by making their claims that sexual orientation could be changed simply through prayer. Serious scientists have long published many studies about how sexual attraction works and recording sexual arousal of both heterosexuals as well as homosexuals to erotic stimuli, and none of these studies have ever proven that sexual arousal or orientation could ever be changed through prayer or wishing away one’s sexual orientation for another.

The organization finally publicly admitted that gay “reparative therapy” doesn’t work, and that the organization seemed to operate mostly to satisfy the political wishes of the conservative Christian community who wanted to believe that gay sexual orientations could be changed by prayer or other spiritual means, despite the overwelming absence of any great successes. Yet, the organization claims that it did offer some positive things to it’ clients during it’s 37 years of operation.

One major employee of Exodus came out as gay in 2012, and left the organization to become the pastor of a gay church in Denver. And the leader of Exodus, Alan Chambers admits that the organization caused unnecessary “trauma” to many persons as well as made false claims about it’s successes.

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  • fustian24

    This was always nonsense. If they had any “successes” at all, it was convincing bisexuals to bat from only the one side in future.

    • Paul Hooson

      For many years I would watch many hours of Christian TV, especially on the weekends. Exodus International was often touted as being able to treat homosexuality as a spiritual illness. I was always a skeptic of this. This organization preyed rather than prayed on conflicted personalities who felt at odds with God because of their sexuality which they felt was sinful, but both society as well as religion are evolving their views to become more understanding and accepting that sexual orientation is something much different and deeper than some conservative theology view’s want to portray it as.