UK Politician Claims Space Alien Sex Is Ruining His Marriage

London city councilman, Simon Parkes, a member of the Labour Party is making bizarre claims that he’s having sex four times a year with space aliens and it’s hurting his marriage. Further, he claims to have fathered a child as a result of this sex with space aliens. Ok?

The unusual claims are raising both eyebrows as well as laughs in the UK where the 53 year old politician also claims that his real birth mother is an eight foot tall green alien with eight long extended fingers. But, it’s his claims of having sex four times a year with another space alien, whom he calls “Cat Queen”  that he claims is causing tensions in his marriage.

Thankfully, the politician claims to be more interested in fixing people’s potholes in their streets than talking about these no-good tramp home wrecking space aliens who just want to have casual sex with us here humans, dangblasted!.

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