San Antonio Makes Life Hard For Strippers

A socially conservative city council in San Antonio is doing everything possible to ruin the city’s small adult entertainment industry under the false pretense of combating crime. Although actual police statistics fail to prove any substantial difference between night clubs that feature pastie strippers or just clubs with only alcohol sales, the city council has further cracked down on topless pastie dancers who will now be required to wear bikini tops after a judge rubber stamped the city council’s new tougher rules. Many San Antonio-area strippers already complain that financial conditions are so poor in the city, and that the  pastie clubs do so poorly that it will only worsen their poverty situation and will likely force many of them to move to other parts of Texas that may have more loose regulations allowing at least topless dance at a minimum which makes a little more money.  Dancers doubt men will want to pay dancers to dance in a bikini swimsuit. Further, others argue that San Antonio schools and social services are already hard hit with budget cuts as the socially conservative city council has damaged San Antonio’s small strip club industry so much, that these clubs now pay very little in taxes because they have become so unprofitable. San Antonio has just 16 bars in the city that feature either bikini or pastie dancers, but the number should start to fall off soon as more clubs close their doors as the new rules hurts the profitability of these clubs. And the self-righteous city council may well assume that with less incidents at clubs, it is because of their new tougher regulations, when in fact it’s due to a lack of customers. Any bar that has a lot of customers always has the potential for some alcohol related problem. It’s a drug of course, and it doesn’t always bring out the best in some people.

In some cities, strippers can make a reasonable living or help to afford school. In San Antonio, just over the Mexican border, things are much tougher and only getting worse for strippers in that city.  Many strippers in San Antonio are at or well below the poverty line. 

In San Antonio, if you want to see boobs, then about all you have is the city council to look at.

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