Pope Francis Blesses Harleys In Rome

Pope Francis took the opportunity of the 110th birthday of Harley Davidson with a huge legion of bikers on holiday in Rome to offer Harley Davidson motorcycles and their riders a special blessing. Many motorcyclists strongly believe in blessings to protect them on the road, where many bikes feature a type of good luck charm known as the guardian or gremlin bell, meant to ward off problems on the road and to keep the journey safe and trouble free. So many bikers more than welcome the blessing of the new pope who is very popular because of his friendly style. Many of the motorcyclists also joined with a large number of Catholic nuns in an unrelated two-day prolife rally as well. Many members of motorcycle clubs participate in events such as toy runs for sick children and other events, and have a great deal of respect for children.

In 1901, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson drew up some plans to add a motor to a bicycle design, which by 1903 resulted in some early leather belt motor driven bicycles.  With steady improvements in their design of motorized bicycles,  Harley developed motorcycle designs that grew more and more powerful anbd by WWI and WWII, Harley motorcycle designs became an important part of the war effort for courier and other duties. After, the second World War, groups of former GI’s began to form some motorcycle clubs that worshiped the Harley Davidson as their motorcycle of choice.  Some motorcycle clubs even trace part of their history back to legendary members of fighter units such as the mercenary pilots who fought for China during the early part of the war before the U.S. intervened officially  in the war after Pearl Harbor.

With some many members of many motorcycle clubs representing former service members including the marines, army or air force, especially, many motorcyclists are also heavily involved in veteran’s remembrance events as well. 

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