Now Miami Is Feeling The Heat!

The NBA Finals took it’s latest weird turn as the San Antonio Spurs were able to come back from their loss at home to win Sunday’s game by 114 to 104 over the Miami Heat who have developed a strange streak of not being able to win two consecutive games of 12 wins backed by a loss. Things looked bleak for San Antonio after their loss at home, but then their win at home last night puts the Spurs in the driver’s seat, ahead in this series by 3 games to 2 over the Heat, with two more chances to win the series, while the Heat need to win both games.

This has been one of the strangest NBA series with no close games, and most games a lopsided win for one team or the other. The two teams don’t look evenly matched on any given night, making this the most strange NBA series in recent memory. 

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